Automatically Reduce Cloud Spend for Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS

Automatically Reduce Cloud Spend for Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS

Pepperdata’s real-time cloud cost optimization solution continuously reclaims waste from your applications running on Amazon EKS and your batch workloads running on Amazon EMR. Customers can see:

  • Cost savings of 30 to 47 percent
  • Guaranteed ROI between 100 and 662 percent
  • Improved CPU utilization up to 157 percent on Amazon EMR

Continuous Intelligent Tuning Without Manual Intervention 

Pepperdata works autonomously in real time to increase your node level utilization
and reduce your application costs without any code changes or manual tuning. 


No Manual Tuning

Capacity Optimizer uses machine learning to dynamically determine where more work can be done in your cluster and automatically applies those optimizations in real time for savings without the need for human intervention.

No Recommendations

Recommendations don’t scale and don’t solve the whole problem. Capacity Optimizer frees your engineers from the tedium of manually tuning resources or applying recommendations by autonomously tuning your environment in real time.

No Application Changes

Nothing will change when installing and applying Capacity Optimizer to your environment—your application runs the same as it would without Capacity Optimizer.


Autodesk Reduces Amazon EMR Costs by 50% and Boosts Performance with Pepperdata


Autodesk Reduces Amazon EMR Costs by 50% and Boosts Performance with Pepperdata

“Pepperdata allowed us to significantly increase capacity for our Amazon EMR workloads and reduce our EC2 costs by over 50 percent. We can focus on our business, while they optimize for costs and performance.”

—Mark Kidwell, Chief Data Architect, Data Platforms and Services, Autodesk

Read the case study to learn how and why Autodesk relies on Pepperdata for cloud cost optimization.

Node-Level Utilization

System schedulers in Spark or Kubernetes only see node resources based on allocations rather than utilization, leading to wasted resources. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer communicates to the scheduler that nodes still have unused resources—
which increases your utilization and
cost savings.

Without Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer

scheduler without pd

With Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer

Scheduler Optimization Graphic

Figure 2: Pepperdata’s real-time cloud cost optimization increases utilization autonomously, which reduces costs without manual intervention.

Optimal Autoscaling Savings

Pepperdata for KubeCon 2023 (1)

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer improves your autoscaler outcomes by launching new instances only when existing instances are fully utilized.

The result: Pepperdata autonomously optimizes CPU and memory to run more workloads at the same cost to increase your savings, removing waste so you only pay for what you use.

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